National Service Seed Inspection and Certification (SNICS)

To establish and keep updated the system to regulate and promote seed, plant varieties and genetic resources matters, collaborating to increase agricultural production and its competitiveness, according to international standards.

 Main activities
  •     Seed regulation and certification
  •     Plant Breeders Rights
  •     Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Our goals
  •     Legal certainty and enforcement
  •     Building and strengthen national capacity
  •     Services for every plant genera with harmonized procedures effective system (quality, efficiency, rationality,sustainability and transparency).

 Seed regulation and certification
  •     Enforcement of law and regulations (SeedLaw)
  •     Seed testing and certification
  •     Catalog of Varieties (certification purposes)
  •     Directory of Seed Producer sand Traders
  •     OCDES chemes
  •     ISTA Member

  •     UPOV System (Act of 1978; UPOV member since 1997)
  •     Enforcement of law and regulations (Plant Variety Law)
  •     PBR Gazette
  •    Technical guidelines
  •     Information provided by the own breeder (DUS testing results accepted for most species)
  •     Plant Variety Committee (support by technical working groups)
  •     Reference collections

Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA)
  •     Coordination of the National System of (PGRFA)
  •     PGR Networks
  •     Project sassess ment support
  •     Regulations and Agreements Insitu Conservation
  •     Exsitu Conservation
  •    Sustainable use
  •    Capacity Building Training
  •    Organization
  •    Headquarters (Metropolitan area of Mexico City)
  •    37    nits
  •    Collaboration  Agreements with several institutions